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Are you that player who is annoyed and frustrated by the stupid 64 tick servers, and do not wanna lose all your thing alongside your matchmaking. Well if that is the case and you too are facing some sort of problem then you must learn on what way to play on the servers of Faceit. In case, you don’t know anything, just continue reading this guide and you will learn quite a few steps as to how you move forward.


  • FaceIt website

The very first step amongst the other several steps to play on the Faceit servers is by simply going to the website

  • Faceit account

To create the account on Faceit you need to put in the email in a blank space and you move forward to press “signup and play”.

The moment you are done with that successfully, you need to confirm the account by simply pressing a link in the mail Faceit send you. This process of making a password and the Faceit ID is quite simple.

  • Setting up the acc.

Once you’re done with the Faceit acc. you need to register the game you wish to play on the Faceit. For instance, if you wish to play CS2 here is how you may register to faceit CS2.

Press the logo of the CS2, press the green button “sign in through steam”. Then the new site pops up, wherein you got to log in to the steam acc. to sync alongside the Faceit.

Ready to play!

Once you’re done setting up games you wish to play on the Faceit, you are very much ready to proceed, meaning play.

This is how you may continue with the Faceit and may proceed with the gameplay and excel forward in the CS2.